Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours



Chef and Owner:Hubert Keller

Executive Chef: Laurent Pillard


Traditional French

Price Range

Chef Keller's Signature Tasting Menu: $145 (wine pairing $80) Includes Burger Bar Cookbook by Hubert Keller

Vegetarian Tasting Menu: $89 (wine pairing $60)

Suggested Attire



Hubert Keller also owns Burger Bar at Mandalay Place.

Sample Menu Items

Herb Späetzle, Wild Mushrooms, Alsatian Choucroute, Paprika $49

PAN SEARED DUCK BREAST Duck Confit, Chestnut Puree, Cippolini Onion, Ginger Gastrique $44




Mavens Overview: Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay is a sister restaurant to the San Francisco one, of the same name. Owner and chef Hubert Keller oversees the kitchen with Executive Chef Laurent Pillard. These two restaurants have received many accolades including a single Michelin Star for the San Francisco location.

The internet buzz is strongly favorable for Fleur de Lys, all around, food, service and ambiance. The restaurant offers several prix fixe options, in addition to an a la carte menu. A 12,000 bottle wine loft overlooks the main dinging room, from 30 feet above. There are many great restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, add Fleur de Lys to the list.

Internet Buzz: Fleur de Lys

  • We came here for our "splurge" dinner in Vegas. Although we intended to order the 3 course menu for $45, we ended up really splurging for the $90 menu and were not disappointed. Everything was excellent, especially the tuna tartare, the filet mignon and the chocolate souffle dessert. I could go on and on about how perfect each course was, but suffice it to say that everything is excellent and nothing disappointed.
  • Here's what I really appreciated about our dinner at Fleur de Lys--the little extra touches. The amuse bouche. The frequency with which the bread selections came around (we eventually sampled all 6 different types of bread and all were delish). The excellence of the house wine. The complimentary mini pastries made by their pastry chef. They really go the extra mile here to make sure the experience is worthwhile... it's the perfect place for a romantic splurge dinner in Vegas.
  • We both had the prime filet mignon done medium and it was melt in your mouth awesome! I'd list it in my top 5 of all the filets I've ever had. It came with spinach, pureed potatoes (which were amazing), carrots and mushrooms. All very tasty. The plates were super cute! I wish my purse was big enough because I would have jacked them but sssssh that's our secret.
  • Probably one of the most sophisticated and chic dining rooms, Fleur de Lys boasted a a delicious menu and a supremely elegant dining environment. Adorned on the wall are 3,000 pink roses that are changed every 2-3 days. High ceilings, cascading curtains, and dimly lit candles make you forget that you're on the Vegas strip and a bustling casino is only 20 paces away.
  • We started with the truffled onion soup accompanied by braised duck crepe, red wine shallot puree, and black truffle. The soup was decadent, a thick and savory blend of caramelized onions and truffles. To only add to the richness of the meal, we also ordered the braised veal and yukon gold potato ravioli with sunchokes and English peas. The two appetizers were an excellent way to begin our sumptous French meal.
  • 5 stars for the filet mignon. I was thinking that maybe it was the 5 drinks I had before dinner but my wife agreed and said this was one of the top 3 filets she had ever eaten. How did they cook it so well and different from every other place we've been?
  • 3 words that sum up the entire experience: Truffled. Onion. Soup. I could drink this by the freaking GALLON. So smooth, so creamy, so flavorful... the most orgasmic soup EVER. EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  • Absolutely amazing restaurant. It is very well sound-proofed so that when you walk in past the noise of the casino you'd think you are miles away. It is quiet, softly lit. Lots of earth tones and a very very high ceiling make the space absolutely beautiful.
  • Filet mignon. The mashed potatoes that came with it tasted like butter, and when we asked, the server told that that's because they use 60% potato to 40% butter! Holy god! The steak was probably the best I have EVER had. The sear was gorgeous, and they told us they sear it in butter first, sous vide it, then sear again.
  • I chose to order from the elegance menu (4 courses), and I got the truffled onion soup with duck ragout, the veal and potato ravioli, the pan seared duck breast and an amazing chocolate souffle which came with a peanut butter shake, caramel popcorn and caramel ice cream. Delicious! Almost forgot... they served an amuse bouche at the beginning of our meal that was amazing. It was a piece of fried (I think) fish atop warm potato salad. It sounded disgusting and I was nervous to try it, but it was extremely tasty and left us wanting more.


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