Backstage Deli at Luxor

Just The Facts, Please.


Luxor, near Luxor Theater

Dining Hours

Daily, 7 a.m. - 12 a.m.


No Celebrity Chef



Price Range

Sandwiches $7-$12

Suggested Attire



Large Sandwiches at reasonable prices, for Vegas.

Sample Menu Items

Corned beef, pastrami, Swiss, Thousand Island, coleslaw $11.50

The New Yorker Corned beef, Swiss, Thousand Island, pretzel roll $9.99

Pastrami Burger Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island $8.99




Mavens Overview: Backstage Deli

The Backstage Deli at Luxor serves very large sandwiches, at prices that are quite reasonable by Vegas standards. The internet buzz is quite favorable, for both the quality of the food, and for the prices on the menu. The place is a bit hidden and out of the way, so you might have to hunt around the casino to find it, but when you do, you won't be disappointed.

Internet Buzz: Backstage Deli

  • I'm loath to tell everybody how excellent this place is, because it's the last good quick bite in Las Vegas that doesn't have a mile-long line coming out of it. This is most likely because it's hidden in a far corner of the Luxor, sort of behind the Criss Angel theatre. Unless you're staying at the Luxor and/or went to see Criss Angel (and if you did, I'm sorry), you'd probably never find it.
  • Whoever created the menu to this place is obviously a New Yorker, because they know delis here. Although eleven bucks may seem like a lot for a sandwich, you'll get what you pay for - piles and piles of fresh, mouth-melting meat on delicious toasty bread with just the right amount of tangy thousand-island dressing. It's not quite Katz's level brilliance, but I was not expecting a deli sandwich in Las Vegas to be this amazing.
  • I got the bagel and lox plate and my boyfriend for a ham and cheese sandwich. The lox plate was fantastic with a generous pile of lox, capers, onions, tomatoes, olive and a boiled egg. I will definitely hit up Backstage if I am staying at the Luxor again, the prices were right and the food was much better than I expected it to be.
  • The sandwich was amazing! It was huge and piled high with the meats; 1 giant pile of pastrami and coleslaw then the bread that goes in the middle then the giant pile of corned beef with a little more coleslaw and the cheese. Both pastrami and corned beef were so tender and moist and the coleslaw adds a little bit of deliciousness. I was only able to eat half of the sandwich but I was sure to save the other half for later.
  • Ordering two backstage specialty sandwiches for two left us comatose. damn good but comatose. i suggest next time sharing bc each half already weighs a pound and you don't want those extra lbs.
  • This deli is the bomb. Coming from NYC, home of some of the best sanwich shops in the country this place takes the cake for vegas hands down. This is one great deli, they serve a monster amount of meat on there sandwiches. Order a triple decker B on whole Wheat. Also one can refill there cup a unlimited amount of times at the foutain soda machine. Total bargain in a town that usually tries to take you for all your worth.
  • Really surprising that this place was so good! I came here for breakfast right before I caught my plane and I ordered the skirt steak with fried eggs on baguette. While it could have used some sauce, the meat was SO tender and I was surprised that we got such a good steak for only $9.99!
  • OMFG my bf and I agree that this place cooks the BEST cheeseburger! It was a bit pricey ($8), but well worth it. They asked how we wanted our meat! I have never ordered a cheeseburger where someone asked me how I want my meat cooked! I wanna go to Vegas just for the cheeseburger right now....P.S. don't be tempted to buy tickets for this Cirque show w/ Criss Angel that's located right next to this deli. You will want your money back.



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