Hacienda Margarita at Las Vegas Hilton

Just The Facts, Please.


Las Vegas Hilton

Dining Hours

Daily 5pm-11pm


Miguel Barajas



Price Range

Entrees $15-25

Suggested Attire



Off-Strip so-so Mexican food.

Sample Menu Items

Specialty dishes include the hand rolled burritos and lobster or spinach enchiladas



Mavens Overview : Hacienda Margarita

The Mexican restaurant at the Las Vegas Hilton. If you're staying at the Hilton, and have a taste for standard Mexican food, then Hacienda Margarita is the restaurant for you. As you can tell from the internet buzz below, the food is not the strong part of Margarita. However, the Margaritas do get favorable buzz.

Internet Buzz : Hacienda Margarita

  • Very typical,nothing outstanding.Touristy.
  • Just because you have a captive audience doesn't mean you have to serve the sort of food that prisoners get. They need to hire actual Mexicans to work as chef and sous-chef.
  • Really good Mexican in a nice little restaurant. Quiet intimate environment with killer Margaritas
  • The worst Mexican restaurant. Even if tired and staying at the Hilton, get in your car and go elsewhere.
  • As it should, this place has a good Margarita. One can have a great time here, especially with the good live entertainment. But the food is pretty standard, nothing to sail around the world for.


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