Ago Restaurant at the Hard Rock

Just The Facts, Please.


Hard Rock

Dining Hours

Daily 5:30 p.m. - 11 p.m.


Agostino Sciandri


Northern Italian

Price Range


Suggested Attire



View of the Pool area from the restaurant.

Sample Menu Items

Insalata Mista al Caprino :field greens, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, pine nuts, dried olives

Ortolana :grilled vegetable pizza, sliced fresh tomato, mozzarella, black olives

Risotto alla Pescatora :seafood risotto, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari

Costata di Manzo alla Brace :wood fired rib eye, roasted artichokes, asparagus, rosemary olive oil

Penne alla Vodka: con Prosciutto e Asparagi fresh penne, prosciutto, asparagus, vodka sauce



Mavens Overview: Ago

AGO at the Hard Rock bills itself as, "An authentic Tuscan-style Italian restaurant which attracts A-List clientele" If nothing else, when you eat here, you can pat yourself on the back for being deemed part of the "A-List Clientele" For a restaurant located at the Hard Rock, which seems to be perpetually on Spring Break, AGO has a more "Grown-Up" feel, complete with white table cloths on the tables.

The Internet Buzz on the food at AGO, is a bit of a yawn. The broiled Rib-Eye and Seafood Risotto received a few shout-outs. Many comments about the food being over-priced, even by Vegas standards. The Hard Rock seems to have taken note, and frequently offers special discounts and generous comps for Hard Rock Gamblers. Without a generous comp, you're probably better off looking elsewhere for you dinner.

Internet Buzz: Ago

  • In comparison to the decor of the rest of the Hard Rock Hotel - this place was really nice. Very modern and elegant. ...We were served three courses - salad, pasta and pizza. And there was nothing really memorable about each course. The salad was just your run of the meal salad with Italian dressing...the pizza - just a very generic run of the mill cheese pizza.
  • I have never been offered, let alone heard of having Rib-eye broiled in a Wood Oven, seasoned not with butter, but Olive Oil, Rosemary, fresh cracked pepper and salt. It was all I could do to not pick up the dang thing by the bone and start gnawing ravenously at the thing.
  • Of course I judge a place by its meatball and the meatball was good not the best but good. If I stayed at HR I would eat here again.
  • Just all-around not very good. The food was a step up from Olive Garden (without all-you-can-eat salad), but the pricing was outrageous.
  • In a city with so many thousands of options within 12 blocks, it just amazes me how a restaurant can get it sooooo..... wrong. How can you be so pretentious being tucked in the back of the Hard Rock Hotel, serving less than adequate fare at highly inflated prices? Our experience was that the food was just average, but the price/value ratio was waaaaaayyy disproportionate. It just wasn't that good.
  • If this is ITALIAN, the Olive Garden needs to cater my wedding...BadaBing! Food is supposed to be an art...not a tourist trap.
  • I always get the Costola di Maiale ai Ferri con Salsetta All'Aglio which is a pork chop cooked to perfection, potato napoleon (THIS IS TO DIE FOR) and spinach.
  • It was good, but drastically overpriced. I would have been just as happy going to Maggianos or something like that.
  • For our main courses, we had the filet mignon & lasagna. The filet mignon was like butter, and very rich. The lasagna was great. It wasn't heavy like lasagna normally is.
  • We ordered: the carpaccio special, the burrata cheese appetizer with green beans and olive oil, the lamb chop and the seafood risotto. Out of all those dishes I'd have to say that the only one I really liked was the seafood risotto that my boyfriend ordered. Everything else was pretty forgettable.
  • The calamari was good but disappointing considering I had heard about how it used to be prepared - with artichoke scattered throughout as well. It was good though, just nothing special. My seafood risotto was delicious and my friend's penne a la vodka caused her to practically lick her plate clean.



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