Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast

Just The Facts, Please.


Gold Coast

Dining Hours

Lunch featuring Dim Sum 10:00am - 3:00pm Dinner 5:00pm - 3:00am


No Celebrity Chef.



Price Range

Entrees $10-$20, most less than $15, Noodle dishes less than $10.

Suggested Attire



Serves Dim Sum 10:00am-3:00pm

Sample Menu Items

Orange Beef $9.95 Walnut Prawns $13.95 Sausage Duck Confit Rice $10.95



Mavens Overview: Ping Pang Pong

Ping Pang Pong at Gold Coast serves good quality Chinese food at reasonable prices, with the added bonus of dim sum daily from 10am-3pm. The buzz is mostly favorable, mostly along the lines that a down market locals casino would have such a good Chinese restaurant. The reasonable prices are also appreciated by customers. The restaurant is open to the casino.

Internet Buzz: Ping Pang Pong

  • For lunch, Ping Pang Pong serves dim sum to a packed house of yearning regulars and anticipating newbies that come for an authentic dim sum experience. All are welcome, although the overwhelming Chinese population in the room lets you know you've found a gem.
  • I ordered this white rice mixed in with pieces of of sausage and eggs. It was sweet, oily and a bit salty BUT delicious!
  • Pot stickers: These were really good. The wrappers were thicker than any pot stickers I've tried before. They reminded me more of Russian pilmeni (I love those, so it worked out).
  • OMG! They're the real deal... better than I expected. For a small, convenient Chinese place tucked away inside the Gold Coast, they put up! I checked them out for dim sum solo and pretty much ordered most of my usual stuff: pay-don-sow-yuk-juk - rice porridge with preserved egg; new-my-fon - lotus leaf wrapped rice "tamale"; haw-gow - standard shrimp dumpling; ny-wong-bow - steamed sweet yellow custard bun;
  • The food was good, great even. The prices were extremely reasonable for large, family style dishes. We tried the usual offerings, including a spicy fried rice that had some serious kick. Loved it. The salt and pepper pork chops were delicious, but didn't have a ton of meat on them.
  • Pork Dumpling (gau style not pot sticker) - Must have! great crispy dough contrasts with lightly chewy stuffing. Lightly sweet flavor is delicate and delicious...I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and value of this place and would recommend it. I'm picky about Dim Sum and this place does a decent job on everything I tried and better than average with the Baked BBQ Pork Bun and Ha Gau.
  • Who would have thought this place is so good! This is seriously one of the hidden gems in vegas. It's tucked in Gold Coast and it has really good dim sum. They have the dessert - mango + pomelo which is so hard to find. This is pure comfort food in vegas. I love it!!!! It's clean and the decor is really nice.
  • Their baked BBQ pork buns were so fresh and tasty I had dreams about them only 1/2 hour after eating them.
  • Everything tastes good, fresh, and yummy here! The only problem is the long wait. But lucky for this restaurant that it is situated inside of a casino so that everyone waiting can play slots or video poker. Well that's what I do. This place is worth the wait.
  • I saw Johnny Chan eating here once. If Ping Pang Pong is good enough for Johnny Chan, it's good enough for me, and probably you, too!
  • The tea was quite bland with just one cheap tea bag floating inside. Thank goodness I was staying at the Mandarin Oriental and snagged a couple of quality tea bags. Made a more enjoyable pot of tea. Dinner for two was just $35 with tip, a bargain even off the strip! We really would've gone back a 2nd time had it not been so far away...
  • Everything we tried here was delicious!! Except for their crispy shrimp balls. 2 Orders Siu Mai - YUM 2 Orders Har Gow - YUM! Chinese Broccoli (they put the oyster sauce on the side) - YUM! Taro Dumping - YUM! Long Noodle Roll - YUM! I wish they would've put more sauce on it though. Crispy Shrimp Balls - Mehhh.. They were tiny and covered with sliced almonds? instead of crispy noodles. :( Not worth it, and didn't come with sweet and sour sauce.
  • I thought this place was FANTASTIC. Granted the service was not that great and they were a little slow. But this place is an actual gem. I got to give it to them.............they know how to make dim sum.



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