Noodle Exchange at the Gold Coast

Just The Facts, Please.


Gold Coast

Dining Hours

Daily: Noon - 11:00pm


No Celebrity Chef


hinese and Noodle Dishes

Price Range

Entrees $10-$15

Suggested Attire



Seasonal Fresh Fruit Juices. plus Fresh Orange Juice.

Sample Menu Items

Spicy Braised Beef Shank Ramen (Broth) $10.95

Beef and Onion Flat Rice Noodle(Stir-Fried) $10.95

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $3.95


Mavens Overview: Noodle Exchange

Noodle Exchange at the Gold Coast, as expected by the name serves Asian Noodle dishes, plus Chinese standards like Orange Chicken and Cashew Chicken. This is a casual off-strip restaurant, across the casino from Ping Pang Pong, which serves great dim sum daily.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable for the food, slightly less so for the service.

Internet Buzz: Noodle Exchange

  • So many people were ordering shakes & juices of all kinds which I realized are popular since they're fresh squeezed so are delish. We had the carrot, orange, & strawberry mango 3.95 each.
  • Lunch Special menu. At $6.99 per lunch, you get an Egg Flower Soup, an Egg Roll, an Entree with Fried Rice. Really not a bad deal. I got the Chicken Lo Mein which was pretty good. The chicken was all white meat.
  • I can't get enough of the peking duck. They have this one rice dish.. can I say OoooMEEEGoosh delish.
  • In the evening hours, try the hot pot, a fondue-like experience where fresh meats and vegetables are dipped and cooked in broth.
  • I always order the same beef noodle and we ALWAYS split the Peking Duck Sampler. I stick with what I've come to love. Why do I love these dishes? Because the soup is not too salty, the meat is delicious and the Peking Duck comes with cucumbers which provides a very different element to the flavor. Everything just goes very well together. What really makes this place our tradition is that we stumbled upon this establishment with such low expectations and it has now turned into one of our must-do traditions every time we visit Vegas.
  • We always order chicken lo mein and the broccoli appetizer. Simple and tasty. These two dishes always have us giving the chefs a thumbs-up, and it is a meal for two that costs us $13. Crazy cheap!! I realize that lo mein is not the most epic culinary event, but sometimes you just need a good lo mein. When you do, head here!
  • We got the Sweet and sour pork, dumplings, wonton noodle soup, and fish dish. The food was excellent....We like the fish the best but everything else was great also. The only negative was service was average at best.
  • While Ping Pang Pong has earned itself a steady following with its bountiful platters and highly praised plates, I find myself leaning more towards Noodle Exchange for my noodle needs. My dish was the Mandarin Chili Beef Noodle. While spice is implied, it had a nice punchy flavor to it. The noodles were the best part and the highlight of the piece.
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