Cortez Room Restaurant at Gold Coast

Just The Facts, Please.

Gold Coast

Dining Hours :
Open Daily 5:00pm - 10:00pm

No Celebrity Chef

Steaks and Prime-Rib

Price Range:
Entrees $13+ sides $5

Suggested Attire:

Entrees include choice of soup or salad plus choice of potato.

Sample Menu Items:
King Cut 20oz. bone-in Prime -rib $20

Porterhouse Steak 20oz. $21

Chicken Oscar: Broiled Breast of Chicken with Crab Meat, Asparagus, Topped with Béarnaise Sauce $15




Mavens Overview

The Cortez Room at the Gold Coast is the Casino's most upscale restaurant, and yet the room is is casual, like a nice coffee shop. The specialty is Prime-Rib, which reasonably priced at $20 for the large bone-in cut and $14 for the smaller portion. All entrees include a choice of soup or salad plus a choice of potato.

The internet buzz is mostly favorable, although there are comments about slow service.



Internet Buzz

In my opinion BEST PRIME RIB IN TOWN I always refer this place to my friends. House wine was garbage but the beef made up for it.

The service is so sloooowwwww. It took more than an hour to get our food...Known for it's PRIME RIB, we had 1 queen cut prime rib ($14), 2 king cut prime rib ($18) & 1 ribeye steak ($18), with sides of either baked potato, sweet potato, garlic mashed, vegetable. All was savory, the prime rib is the premier.

The Cortez room is a nice place to get your carnivore on. You get huge cuts of good quality meat for not too much money. The menu is a la carte, but the sides are as affordable as everything else. Their 10 oz prime rib (which is always, always excellent) is $12.95, but if you're REALLY hungry, the 22 oz is $18.95. Every meal I've had here has always been very good - not the best ever, but the value is what makes this place special.

Nice and cheap! They have steaks, prime rib, etc. The price is great! The food was good.

I've visited the newly located and remodeled Cortez room twice now and both times the service was not terrible, the people were very friendly, but it was VERY VERY SLOW. Expect to be waiting, and waiting.

ordered Chicken Oscar - a small skinless chicken filet topped with crab meat stuffing, asparagus and beurre blanc sauce. I chose the 14-ounce prime rib which was both tender and delicious. Both meals included a baked potato served with sour cream and chives. Overall it was a good, but not fantastic dining experience.


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