Hyakumi Restaurant at Caesars Palace

Just The Facts, Please.


Caesars Palace

Dining Hours

Lunch daily from 11am - 3:30pm
Dinner daily from 5pm - 11pm


No Celebrity Chef.


Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Price Range

$60 teppanaki grill, $28 unlimited sushi, one hour limit.

Suggested Attire



Both sushi and teppanyaki cuisine.

Sample Menu Items

Beef Teriyaki

Nigiri is served along with both hand and cut rolls. There are nearly 40 different varieties available.



Mavens Overview: Hyakumi

Hyakumi at Caesars Palace offers Japanese cuisine both sushi and Teppanyaki style cooking. In addition to a la carte options, the restaurant offers some price fixe options: $28 all you can eat sushi, one hour time limit, and Teppanyaki prixe fixe for $60.

The sushi gets good reviews for quality, although some wished for more variety. The Teppanyaki grill also gets good reviews. As noted in the internet buzz below, Hyakumi offers traditional Japanese cuisine, not fusion cuisine.

Internet Buzz: Hyakumi

  • Had the Hyakumi special which was $60 a person came with miso soup, cucumber salad with crab, shrimp appetizers, vegetables, lobster tail, and steak. All of it was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS.
  • $28 it's all-you-can-eat. You get one hour. If you order from the top-tier ... add $10. You can order two rolls and 1 appetizer and 2 pieces of sushi at a time. No teams (no sharing).
  • We had yellowtail and eel nigiri, and a rainbow roll. Both nigiri items were very fresh, and the rainbow roll was tasty as well. However, I was a little miffed to pay $20 for a roll with fake crab.
  • Salmon sashimi and eel roll are my two loves here. Everything else is a nice to have. I love the eel roll here because it is served warm. A warm eel roll just makes the whole thing way better. The salmon just melts in your mouth.
  • I've said "I'm so over sushi" I could not help but try a piece or two. OMG, it was SO fresh & SO tasty. I guess "I'm so over CHEAP sushi".
  • 2 visits separated by a year and the all you can eat sushi lunch has delivered the best sushi I have ever had each time.
  • This is a VERY traditional Japanese restaurant unlike most of the Japanese restaurants on the strip these day. You won't find fancy fusion dishes here. It's a very straight forward high-quality Japanese restaurant. The sushi (I only had Nigiri) was so good I felt like I was eating sushi in Japan.
  • We only ordered sashimi and one dish from the kitchen, hamachi no kama (yellowtail collar) which was amazing. My friend devoured the sashimi, saying it melted in her mouth (good sign)
  • The very good sushi bar overlooks Cleopatra's barge, where some very expensive hookers have been known to ply their trade.
  • I was unpleasantly surprised that we were charged $5 for the green tea. I couldn't recall the last time I had to pay for the tea at a Japanese restaurant.
  • Hyakumi is fabulous. But surprisingly, it's not even the sushi that makes it great. What I love best is the beef teriyaki and lychee martinis. The beef teriyaki to me was the best steak I had ever had. A New York Strip steak ordered medium, it was tender, juicy, and melted in my mouth.



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