Augustus Cafe at Caesars Palace

Just The Facts, Please.


Caesars Palace, Augustus Tower

Dining Hours

24 hours


Are you kidding, this is a coffee shop.


Everything from eggs to Seafood.

Price Range

Pricey coffee shop, figure $15+

Suggested Attire



Upscale Coffee Shop, open 24 hours.

Sample Menu Items

Crab Cakes Benedict

Carne Asada scramble

Grilled Steaks



Mavens Overview: Augustus Cafe

Augustus Cafe at Caesars Palace is an upscale coffee shop that is still open 24hours. At Augustus Cafe expect a wait to be seated and slow service while seated. It is amazing the amount of internet buzz about slow service here.

Fortunately for Augustus Cafe, the internet buzz about the food is favorable. Corned Beef Hash, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Crab Cakes Benedict were some of the items that received strong reviews. The upscale nature of this coffee shop is exemplified by that last menu item, Crab Cakes Benedict. The menu is wide ranging, covering breakfast items through dinner entrees, with sandwiches and salads filling in the gaps.


Internet Buzz: Augustus Cafe

  • I thought this place was pretty damn good. Especially for a 24-hour Vegas casino hotel diner.
  • Slowest coffeehouse service ever
  • The pretzel bread that came out before the meal was AWESOME.
  • The menu is your regular coffee shop fare sort of gussied up. Like the onion rings you like to soak up alcohol with now have parmesan on them, and there is a lot more crab on the menu than your local Denny's.
  • It's a little pricey by normal standards but par for vegas and it is fairly upscale for a breakfast setting which is when I went. The crab cakes benedict were really good, with the crab cakes full of tasty crab and nicely cooked (not dry, not undercooked).
  • The service was sooooooooo slow!! we were all starving so it probably seemed even slower than normal, but damn! it took forever for our waitress to take our order. At least she apologized multiple times.
  • Among the dishes ordered were the massive grilled cheese with 3 types of cheese and an extra piece of bread in the middle (SO GOOD!)
  • You shouldn't expect to eat in any casino restaurant (and I'm not talking about a place you could call a joint/diner/cafe) without overpaying for what you get. Augustus in Caesar's is no exception and you're looking at $15 burgers, $11 quesidillas, $9 cups of soup, and $20+ if you want an actual entree.
  • Food here is really really good. Service here really really sucks. I had the corned beef hash and eggs and it was some of the best corned beef I ever had. Light, fluffy, fresh herbs and the eggs were done perfectly. Even the toast was nice and thick and served with soft creamy butter. The service though was just bad.
  • This place is great. Open 24 hours, and their menu was pretty broad. You can get spaghetti & meatballs, fliet mignon, and quesadillas.
  • We started with an order of the parmesan crusted onion rings. I could have eaten the whole giant platter of them myself. Yumba. Didn't seem greasy, either. Then I had the turkey pot pie which was delicious.
  • My french toast was awesome.... It was a bit pricy...but that french toast could have easily fed three people!...oh and the syrup was warm..awesome!



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