Binion's Ranch Steakhouse

Just The Facts, Please.


On the 24th floor of Binions.

Dining Hours

Daily 5:30pm-10:30pm


No Celebrity Chef here.



Price Range

Chef's Daily Specials start at $19.95

Suggested Attire



Old School Vegas Steakhouse

Sample Menu Items

Steaks are prepared grilled or sautéed to your liking Cabernet sauce, Peppercorn sauce, Béarnaise sauces, Blue Cheese or Boursin Cheese crusts.

All entrees are served with a choice of four salads, choice of four side dishes, and Chef’s fresh selection of garden vegetables, fresh baked rolls and bottled water.

Chicken Fried Lobster Pressed Australian Lobster breaded and pan fried.

Mustard Encrusted Rack of Lamb Whole grain mustard and fresh herb jus.


Mavens Overview: Binion's

Binion's Steakhouse is a quintessential Old School Steakhouse, with the added benefit of having a great view from 24 floors above ground level.

The prices are much more reasonable than restaurants on The Strip, particularly when factor in the fact that the entrees include side-dishes. There is some sentiment that the quality of the food has gone downhill since the glory days when Benny ran Binions, however the quality stills seems to be good enough. The Internet buzz is mostly favorable, however there are some sour notes here and there. Service seems a bit spotty.

Internet Buzz: Binion's

  • This is the quintessential old school steakhouse!
  • I started with the escargot- WOW!!! Never thought a crawly thing could be such a butterlicious thing of delight! Could have eaten 'em all night.
  • I really liked how the steaks came with sides. They don't pull the stunt that many other steak houses pull and make a person pay for sides. The restaurant is on an upper floor of the hotel and has a very nice view facing the Stratosphere.
  • Top floor of Binion's casino and had great views looking south towards the strip.
  • I agree with previous reviewers that there's no "forced pleasantries" here. In fact, the service was remarkably East Coast: alert, efficient and perhaps even a tad brusque for porcine suburbanites who like their egos stroked.
  • Prime rib was good. The portion was big, but the meat tasted old. I am not a beef expert, but maybe oldness came from aging the prime rib longer than most places for better taste.
  • Excellent. The atmosphere is great! It kind of reminds me of the signature room at the Hancock in Chicago, however the food at Binion's is much better. It is a great place for a date!
  • they need to update their menu prices online. Everything was like $10 to $20 more on their actual menu than they had quoted online.
  • It's pretty hard to get more traditional than this venerable steak house. Big, juicy chops, warm rolls and iceberg-lettuce salads. It's old school and okay, although it was great in its heyday.
  • The lobster bisque is to die for. Had the chicken marsala - very good. And the prime rib which was HUGE and we ordered the smaller size! Melt in your mouth good though. The drinks are super strong - so you get what you pay for!
  • Their chicken-fried lobster is now on my must-have list from now on.
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