Bellagio Cafe

Just The Facts, Please.

Bellagio next to Conservatory & Botanical Garden

Dining Hours :
24 hours

Robert Kirchhoff

American Café Classics.

Price Range:

Suggested Attire:

Located next to Botanical Gardens

Sample Menu Items:
Bellagio Omelet made with lobster, asparagus, brie


Mavens Overview

Bellagio Cafe is located next to the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and is open 24 hours. The internet buzz is favorable for both the food and the location, overlooking the Botanical Gardens, however there are many comments about slow service. While the service might be slow, it is generally friendly and helpful, if you don't see what you want on the menu, the kitchen will do its best to accommodate your wish.

Internet Buzz

If you choose to eat at what they used to call, "coffee shops" (you know, the 24 hour, huge menu, breakfast all day places) then Cafe Bellagio is as nice as they come.

It's so luxurious sitting in Cafe Bellagio and peering out into the Conservatory, having the aromas of the flowers and being able to see all the seasonal displays.

I ordered the "Bellagio Omelette." Tasty chunks of lobster, crisp fresh asparagus, and creamy brie made for a divine eye opener. As I have become a coffee snob, I had no complaints with the java served. I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Fantastic French onion soup... Mmmm the layer of cheese... Is to die for

I always get Eggs Benedict and it is very good here. I highly recommend it if you are going here.

I've been here for breakfast, lunch, dinner... it's always extremely slow. The service is pretty bad,

This is by far the best place to eat in Vegas..I can say first hand that I have eaten here a 10+ times and the food has always been great and consistent. People that complain about the wait or the line still seem to think the food is good....GREAT food is worth the wait and that is why this cafe has a line.

Lobster omelet! It was so good with lots of chunky lobster and fluffy egg. It was a huge serving too and comes with your choice of bread and hash browns.

The food was wonderful. My mom ordered the best french onion soup either of us had ever tasted, and I got a simply delicious club sandwich. I had asked for the chips but the waiter brought the french fries... I'm glad he did, because they were excellent, and I usually don't like fries. The prices were a bit high (especially my mother's iced tea - $4.50!), but the food was so good we didn't feel ripped off.

For the week we were in vegas, we ate here five or six times. The food was quite good, always made to order. Occasionally, we'd throw the chefs curve balls and ask for something very specific and not on the menu (our "comfort food").. it almost always came out perfect!

My oh my, do I not regret coming in here for its breakfast menu. Probably one of the more pricier breakfasts that I've had but it certainly was worth every penny.

15 bucks for pancakes? Are they out of their mind? No. They were perfect. I have dreams about those pancakes.


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