Wynn Pool

Just The Facts, Please.

Pool Area Style

San Simeon-esque sans statues.

Predominant Clientele Style

Expensive pool/beach attire. More jewelry than tattoos.

Pool Hours

Varies by season.

Number of Pools and Jacuzzi

Five pools and two jacuzzis.

Bars and Food Service

Tableau provides food for Tower Suites pools, Sunset Grill provides food to Sunset pool.


24 cabanas around main pool plus 15 at Tower Suites pool.

Raft and Pool Toys rental


Pool Notes

The adults-only European pool allows for topless sunbathing.



Mavens Overview: Wynn Pool

As one would expect,the pool area at Wynn evokes a feeling of upscale sophistication. The well tended rose bushes and hedges help create an atmosphere that is much more tranquil than the kiddie pools at Hard Rock and Palms.

The main pool area has two large circular pools connected by a long straight channel, which serves as an excellent lap pool. The Tower Suites part of the hotel have their own VIP pool. There is also an adults only pool area, which allows european style bathing.

The pool area gets favorable intenet buzz, although the high priced cocktails and cabanas less so.

Internet Buzz: Wynn Pool

  • The pool area has a more intimate feel to it, yet accommodates the huge crowd of guests. Yes they have the European style tanning pool too
  • The cabanna at the main pool. They have excellent service to the cabannas and they are uniquely located next to - and above the pool area itself.
  • If you can afford it, definitely get a cabana. The free lounge chairs are often taken up real fast. I went there with a group of friends and arrived at the pool area around 2pm and had to lounge on the grass. The cabanas looked awesome and made me wish I had reserved one myself.
  • I didn't have any trouble finding a lounge chair. Service was fast and there weren't very many annoying children.
  • The pool is awesome too, great music, and the service is excellent.
  • The European pool was beautiful, but the "bubbies" that showed themselves ranged from good plastic surgeons to something out of national geographic. At around 2pm when people have gotten all nice and drunk you see some pretty interesting things happening at the pool...There are pool cabana's that you can rent and the pool beds start at about $500 for the day. But, you can negotiate the price.
  • If you want to see the pool, or sit near it you have to reserve chairs which can be any where from $150 to $500 a day.
  • My favorite part, though, is the pool. It's gorgeous and relaxing and the drink service is quick. Bring your own suntan lotion though. I forgot mine and had the privilege of paying $32 for a small tube at the cabana.
  • One of the guests next to me at the pool asked the waitress for water and was told that they stopped giving people ice water but there was a tub of water over by the pool gift shop (which meant a tub of $6 bottled water).
  • The lap pool between the two round end pools was a serious work out for me, and not too many people clogging it up
  • I liked how the chaises were arranged (not too cluttered), the gardens leading to the pool are beautiful (lots and lots of rose bushes and sculpted hedges leading you down to the pool), and there's nothing Vegas-cheesy at all in these pools. Just straight up relaxation and chill.
  • The pool is super luxurious and very very adult. I didn't see any pesky children about. The pool bar music was sophisticated.
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