MGM Grand Pool

Just The Facts, Please.

Pool Area Style :
Tropical Upscale.

Predominant Clientele Style :
A little bit of everything.

Pool Hours :
Pools hours vary by season. From May 1- Sept 3 hours are 7am-8pm. Pool hours are shorter at other times of the year. Pool closed December-January. During other winter months hours are 9am-5pm.

Number of Pools and Jacuzzi :
Five Pools and Three Whirlpools. 6.6 acre complex.

Bars and Food Service :
Five bars scattered around pool area. Cabana Grille cafe and snack bar.

Cabanas :
30 cabanas.

Raft and Pool Toys rental :
Inner Tubes and Raft rentals available.

Pool Notes :
Pool area includes 1,000 ft. lazy river. Pools open February through November. Pool hours vary by season.

Wet Republic (53,000 sq ft) models itself as a daytime ultra lounge complete with salt water pools, cabanas, bungalows, DJs playing music, loudly, all for high prices, chairs go for $100 minimums.




Mavens Overview

The pool area at MGM Grand is like the casino, large enough to cover most niche demographics. The high end Signature Towers and Mansions at MGM have their own private pool areas separate from the Hoy polloi.

The five pools accommodate a range of water activities from water volleyball to lounging on a raft on the 1,000 foot lazy river, plus a separate lap pool for those interested in aquatic fitness. The sitting areas range from sedate to the more ruckus Wet Republic, which is more akin to an outdoor disco than pool area. A ping pong table is located next to the Academy Bar.

The landscaping of the pool area has been well received, with a subtle tropical theme, not quite as dense with palm trees as Mirage or Mandalay Bay, but pleasing none the less.


Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear


Internet Buzz

The pool is a mystery to find. I am thinking that the pool was more accessible in the past before the hotel did renovations in connecting the MGM Grand to the MGM Signature Towers. From the elevator, you need to walk through some shopping areas down a long corridor to the pool.

It was a great pool for people in their 20's & 30's and even for those people who still want to be in their 20's... There was a DJ playing music all weekend and it had a great Spring Break feel. In a nutshell this was the best pool experience I ever had in Vegas and will only be staying here from now on.

Unlike the Hard Rock or even Mandalay there is almost an equal number of men and women (not easy to find this in any Vegas Pool).

After walking the rest of the pool areas there is without question a pool for everyone and for any age. If you want a quiet relaxing pool, a kid's pool (ie. Lazy River), a quiet adults only pool, or a Spring Break party pool the MGM has them all.

The pool is great and includes a lazy river. Music wasn'tít too loud. Even if you donít swim, there is a nice shady patio area for people to relax.

I would recommend this Hotel for the Grand Pool alone! It is wonderful, beautifully set out and surprisingly private, the adult pool was nice and gave a nice reprieve of silence. Towel service is provided free of charge at the pool. We never had any problems with getting a chair anytime of day, and the eateries are good too.

We were a bit disappointed with their pool ultra-lounge "Wet Republic" though because it was set up like a club and they charged you for everything so we didn't bother. You can get the same effect sitting outside of it.

I was a "Pool Party" virgin until Wet Republic entered my life. It took a good month to review this place, because words cannot express how much I am in love with WR! My life has been hollow, boring and cold until now

To get a chair at Wet Republic you have to spend $100 minimum per chair on food and drinks. TOTALLY worth it since it covers entrance fee ($50 for guys $20 for girls). You also get few comps with your chair so you can even share a chair with someone and spend $50 each.


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