Mandalay Bay Pool

Just The Facts, Please.

Pool Area Style :

Predominant Clientele Style :
Families and singles with lots of disposable income.

Pool Hours :
9am-6pm; weather permitting.

Number of Pools and Jacuzzi :
Three swimming pools, a lazy river, and wave pool.

Bars and Food Service :
Two restaurants and two bars.

Cabanas :
100 cabanas, plus bungalows and villas, which rent for $200-1,800 per day.

Raft and Pool Toys rental :

Pool Notes :
2007 $30 million expansion includes Beach side Casino. Beach has 2,700 tons of sand. The pool/beach area is 11 acres. Moorea Beach Club offers European style sunbathing. The pool area also doubles as an outdoor concert area in the summer months.




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Mavens Overview

The Mandalay Bay Pool is widely regarded as the top one in Vegas, and for good reason. Tropically themed, the 11 acre pool area, appropriately named "The Beach", has 2,700 tons of sand, a wave pool, lazy river, plus three swimming pools.

A $30 million expansion, completed in 2007, added a glass fronted casino to the beach area. The three story expansion includes the Beach Bar & Grill on the first level, an open air restaurant offering more extensive dining options than expected at pool side restaurants. The second floor is the casino level, where casual beach dress is encouraged. The third level has private villas, each 250 to 500 square feet, with a private pool area.

The pool area has it's own stage area, for concerts all summer long. Moorea Beach Club is Mandalay Bay's version of Vegas Pool day-club. The music is louder and more club like, European style sunbathing is available at the private pool adjacent to the club, which is separate from the rest of the beach pool area.

The pool area is very popular, in fact it's the main reason why many guests choose to stay at Mandalay Bay, hence if you want to get one of the 1,000 plus lounge chairs, plan to get to the pool close to opening time.


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Internet Buzz

Once you're in it's like you've entered a mini city complete with bars, restaurant, casino and shops...Drinks are $10. If you're a beer person you can get a bucket with five for $25 which isn't too bad. They have restrooms everywhere so you never have to walk very far to one.

Ooweee! We have the finest pool in Vegas. They generate waves on the sand beach pool that are big enough to surf. And there are waterfalls and other tropical delights, all shrouded by hundreds of palm trees and overhead misters.

The brochure for the Mandalay Beach/pool area boasts of 2,200 beach chairs. Believe me when I say that every single one was occupied.

Love the idea of a fake beach in the middle of a hotel. However we couldn't really experience it because it was SO CROWDED. I also recall a ton of children which in my book doesn't fly when I'm trying to get rowdy with a bunch of girls. Doesn't matter anyway cause we could never get enough seats there.

You have to get there when they open to get a chair. I don't get it, it's Vegas. Don't people sleep during the day...The pools themselves were fun and there are a lot of options. I just wish there were more chairs and less kids.

This is by far one of the best pools ever. The Beach was really big and there were plenty of chairs on the sand. The wave pool was so nice and fun. We had a fantastic time!! They provide nice and thick towels for your convenient. You have to bring your room key to enter so don't forget it!

I would definitely suggest coming to the Mandalay Bay pool if you're with your family or kids. The crowd is much younger and more family oriented.

Fantastic! I haven't had so much fun at a Vegas hotel beach for a long time. The wave pool is a lot of fun and the lazy river is really fun. It's a small moving river and you can rent or buy inner tubes and float along it. They cost the same if you rent, or buy. You can buy it at the swim store inside.

I didn't really understand why my friend hyped up Mandalay Bay's beach so much, until we got there...this might be a deciding factor to stay here whether you're a group of partying barely legal beezies or a lazy tanning sloth like me, or even a family with kids.

Most amazing hotel pool I've ever seen!...Love the variety of pools - wave pool, lazy river, regular pools. Wow!

I was quite surprised to see just how many kids were here.

The wave pool is quite strong...but they only turn on the wave once every minute or it's kind of boring waiting for the next wave.

The Mandalay Beach Club is 5 Stars just like the hotel itself. I highly recommend the Moorea Pool which is for adults only and is topless optional for ladies.

I love this pool. unlike the other pools in vegas like at bellagio and venetian etc this pool is like a beach. ok hard rock has this too. but this one is clean. the sand gets really hot so be careful when you walk around on a hot day...this is definitely one of the best pools

Best pool in Vegas. Lazy river, wave pool - what else can you ask for?...Over the years it has gotten more and more crowded - the addition of TheHotel sharing the same amount of square feet of beach...but it's worth it to get there early (and I mean early) to get a chair and hang out for the day.

if you like seeing beautiful people in skimpy outfits, this is Xanadu and Shangri La rolled into one.


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