Just The Facts, Please.

Pool Area Style

San Simeon-esque

Predominant Clientele Style

Expensive pool/beach attire. More jewelry than tattoos.

Pool Hours

Summer hours 8am-8pm
Fall hours 8am-7pm
Winter and Spring 8am-5pm;
Whirlpools close one hour after pools.

Number of Pools and Jacuzzi

Five Pools (one reserved for special events)and Four Jacuzzi.

Bars and Food Service

Two Bars plus a Cafe offering lunch items, plus cocktail waitresses.


Cabana rentals start at $300 per day. Include refrigerator stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and fruit plates. Wireless Internet; HD TV and telephone.

Raft and Pool Toys rental

Rafts rent for $5/hr or $20 /day.

Pool Notes

Pool-side massage is available.


Mavens Overview: Bellagio Pool

The elegantly landscaped Bellagio Pool area is reminiscent of William Randolph Hearst's Pool Area at San Simeon. Perhaps if you squint your eyes you'll find Marion Davies holding court in one of the cabanas. One of the nicest pool areas in Vegas, without the kiddie frills, like water slides and wave-pools.

The pool area is ideal for adults, and kids that want to act like adults. Several of the pools are heated, and can be used by hearty souls in the colder winter months. For those that desire more privacy and an extra dose of luxury, cabanas are available, starting $300/day during weekdays. A set of extra large cabanas are available for $500/day weekdays.


Internet Buzz: Bellagio Pool

  • The Pool Area was very crowded and we always had an issue finding a sun-bed.
  • The music is tasteful and not annoyingly loud.
  • We have stayed here twice now and the pools are one of the reasons we keep coming back.
  • The Bellagio's Pool Area has skidded to the top of our favorites list, with flowered trellised archways and Italian Opera played over the sound system.
  • With manicured flower gardens and spouting fountains, the Bellagio Pools embrace the European elegance of the resort.
  • Love the little touches, like the mosaic tiles that line the floor of the pools and the lush greenery surrounding the pool area.
  • There are several things about the Bellagio that I loved, and one of them is the pool area.
  • I paid too much to spend a week at Bellagio a few months back. They closed all the pools the *Entire Week* because they said it was "too windy." The breeze was light. The weather = so hot.
  • One last review of the pools. They are my favorite. There are a bunch of pools - finding an open chair is hard if arriving after noon or so. I've found it best to find one of the pool attendants and giving him a tip to find the best location where he will bring the chair(s) over and set them up. Its worth it as to not waste time walking from pool to pool to find one chair or two.




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