Wynn Poker Room

Just The Facts, Please.

Poker Room Hours :

Poker Room Layout :
Open with half height wall separating room and sections of the rom. 26 tables.

No Limit Holdem 12 & 8pm everyday $225 buy-in $25 admin fee ($300/$30 Sat.)

Regular Poker Games:
Limit Holdem $1/3 to $100/200
No Limit Holdem $2/5 to $5/10

Cocktail Service:
Top shelf and complimentary.

Food Service:

Special Hotel Room Rates:
$199 Sat./Sun. $129 Sun.-Thurs. 6 hours of play per day.

Comps Earned :
$1 per hour of play.

Can monitor wait list from hotel room.




Mavens Overview

One of the larger poker rooms in Vegas, with 26 tables and comfortable adjustable chairs. Poker room staff is top notch, keeping the games running smoothly. Hotel guests can monitor the wait list from their hotel room. The room attracts fairly strong competition.

Daily tournaments are held at 12 and 8 pm. Cocktail service gets particularly high marks, for both speed and the top shelf liquors served.

Special hotel room rates are available with 6 hours of daily play.



Internet Buzz

I liked that the room was far from the racket of the slots, but still close enough to a high-traffic area to attract players. It did have a nearby bathroom and coffee shop. The tables were more round than most, and they only seated 9 players.

Wynn's room remains the best in town. Elegant, clean, quiet (as it is tucked away from the main casino), and sized appropriately. Chairs are comfortable.

The 2/5 and 5/10 NL games are often filled with daily grinders, but often the games are still quite loose.

Great place to play. Great dealers, great food and the best drinks in town! I would not bother playing anywhere else!

The poker room at the Wynn, while small, is comfortable and full of action. Not off the hook Commerce Casino action, but the $500 no limit frequently sees $1000 pots and there are always good players as well as rich tourists abounding.

I loved the intimate feel of the poker room.

Great poker room where you can put your name on the list and watch the queue from your hotel room

I doubt I'll ever play in a nicer room anywhere. The only complaint I'd heard about Wynn before I saw the room was that the tables were too close together. Considering I normally play at The Bicycle Club and Commerce Casino, the Wynn was practically cavernous by comparison.

Very well managed. I stayed at the Wynn so signing up and being able to watch the list from my room was great. Beautiful room. Very classy. Would be tough to beat this experience for Vegas poker.

Generally the players at the Wynn are by far the best I've played with.

Not as spacious as the Venetian or Caesars, but the room is very nicely done. Chairs, tables and furnishings are all top notch.

Wynn has a great room. they treat all players with respect, move throught the list quickly and offer all the amenties a top room should.

The only really tough games seemed to be 5/10 NL and higher. The 30/60 limit game is one of the best in town every night although you should be aware of the 3-5 pros that play in the game nightly



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