MGM Grand Poker Room

Just The Facts, Please.

Poker Room Hours :
No-Smoking Poker Room is open 24 hours a day

Poker Room Layout :
Open area near Sports Book and Studio 54. Above average table separation.

AM & PM Tournaments are; Limited to six (6) Tables
Day Tournaments
Every Monday through Friday at 11:05 a.m.
$65.00 Buy-in for $2,000 in chips
No Re-Buys
Evening Tournaments Every Sunday through Thursday at 7:05 p.m. $80.00 Buy-in for $3,000 in chips No Re-Buys

Regular Poker Games:
Holdem Limit $2/4 and $3/6
Holdem No Limit $1/2 $100/200 min/max buy-in.
Holdem No Limit $2/5 $200/500 min/max buy-in.

Cocktail Service:
Tableside food and beverage service.

Food Service:
Tableside food and beverage service.

Special Hotel Room Rates:
$40 discount off room rate, requires 5 hours per day of play.

Comps Earned :
$1 per hour played, comps only good at MGM Grand..

Daily tableside massage service performed by licensed massage therapists.



Mavens Overview

Considered one of the Big Poker Rooms in Vegas, and the only Big Poker Room at the South end of the Strip. The rooms gets high marks for being well run along with having quality dealers. The room is busy nearly 24/7.

The room is open to the casino and close to the Sports Book and Centrifuge Bar, hence there are lots of distractions, which some view negatively. The poker room offers 24-hour complimentary beverage service and a full-service cashier cage. The room is noted for having a large amount of soft play.



Internet Buzz

The chairs are very good. The tables are cool, but we could do without the marble rim.

If you can tolerate young drunk kids that think they are the greatest thing in poker and dont know what sportsmanship is, you should definitely come here. Pretty easy to pick your spots as you've got the young wanna be pros with sunglasses and headphones and the young drunks on the way to da club.

This has fast become my favorite Poker Room in Vegas. Tournaments are well run and affordable. The Staff is professional and helpful.

I love the MGM Grand. They have treated me as well as any operation in this city... the Poker Room at MGM is a nice, modern, clean room with very professional dealers and floor personnel. Lots of tables, lots of action most of the time... I have to say, however, that it would be number three on my hit parade. I still prefer Belagio ( The Big Game ) and the Mirage poker rooms over the MGM.

I would rate this second to Caesar's, but definitely a great room.

The poker room at the MGM is one of my favorites. I've never had to wait too long to get on a table, even on a Saturday night, the room is open and clean, and the dealers are great.

The players - compared to the other poker rooms we visited on our trip, the players here are way more pleasant to play with by far...the only minus is how damn cold it is in there! So come prepared with a North Face jacket.

The furnishings are all high quality and the tables and chairs are maintained well. The aesthetical adornments all exude an aura of class and old Vegas style

One of the strongest selling points of the MGM Grand poker room is a combination of the softness of the games and the sheer action.

Man, there are so many young kids with backward ballcaps it'll make you cringe... this is a good room to fleece some kids, so long as you know how to play tight aggressive and go for the jugular with strong hands. Some of these knuckleheads will chase you to the river.



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