Golden Nugget Poker Room

Just The Facts, Please.

Poker Room Hours :

Poker Room Layout :
13 tables

No Limit Hold'em Daily Poker Tournaments
11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 1:00 a.m.
$65 buy-in and one optional $40 re-buy


Regular Poker Games:
Holdem Limit $2/4
Holdem Limit $3/6
Holdem No Limit $1/2 Regular $100 $no max

Cocktail Service:
Yes, but fair service. Liquor served is not top-shelf.

Food Service:

Special Hotel Room Rates:

Comps Earned :
When you play four hours of cash game poker or more you get a $10 dining credit!

Promotion: 2 to 2 x 2 High Hand Promotion
Make a high hand in any cash poker game between the hours of 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. and win 2x the jackpot for that high hand.



Mavens Overview

The Golden Nugget Poker room is the nicest poker room on Fremont Street. The room is on the smallish size, with thirteen tables.

The action is low-roller compared to the big Poker Rooms on the Strip. Plenty of tourists spending a few hours between other Vegas activities. The competition is mixed, while there are plenty of less experienced tourists, there are also a fair share of Vegas locals raising the competition level in the games.


Internet Buzz

The New Golden Nugget Poker Room is one of the most beautiful rooms in Las Vegas.

It's funny, people tend to play poker for really long stretches, but few casinos ever seem to provide really excellent chairs like they do here.

Dark brown wood with tan trim engulfs the room and provides an extremely classy, yet laid back type of feel.

The cocktail service in the Poker Room at the Golden Nugget leaves a lot to be desired.

Lots of tourists just out to have a good time can be found lounging in here and playing some poker in their free time while on vacation.

Nice, cozy room with comfortable chairs, plush felt, and good lighting. The tables are packed a little close together, so I can imagine it can get crowded in there. Overall, a classy little room.

I played 2-4 limit (or was it 3-6?). The whole table seemed like tourists ranging from bad to worse. There was one chronic bluffer, one textbook calling station, and a bunch of weak/tight/passive. I finished +$50 over 3 hours without breaking a sweat.

First day there the players were extremely easy. I quadrupled my buy-in in about a 6-hour session. The next time I played, the players were a bit tighter: more of the regular Vegas grinders.

A good mix of average players and tough competition.



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