Caesars Palace Poker Room

Just The Facts, Please.

Poker Room Hours :

Poker Room Layout :
Located next to Pure Nightclub, down a short hallway line with LeRoy Neiman paintings. There are two rooms, one for tournament play(6,000 sq ft)and one for cash games (8,500 sq ft).

Daily Tournaments.
12:00PM: $80 buy in + $50 rebuy
7:00PM: $120 buy in + $100 rebuy
11:00PM: $60 buy in + $10 dealer tip

Regular Poker Games:
Both no-limit and limit games. The no-limit games start at $1/2 and limit starts at $2/4.

Cocktail Service:
Drinks are complimentary, but no premium liquor, only well drinks.

Food Service:
Table -side food service.

Special Hotel Room Rates:
Special room rates: $139weekday; $239 weekends.

Comps Earned :
100 reward credit points per hour of play,which equals $1 comp.

The Caesars Palace Room(s) are the largest in Vegas, with a combined area of 14,000 square feet. LeRoy Neiman and Nei Leifer painting and photographs line the walls.


Mavens Overview

One of t he big Poker Rooms in Vegas. The Poker Room is actually two rooms, with one dedicated to tournament play. The rooms have a combined area of 14,000 square feet. LeRoy Neiman and Neil Leifer paintings and photographs line the walls.

The room tends to favor serious and knowledgable players. Drinks are complimentary, but only well drinks, no premium liquor.



Internet Buzz

The 30 tables in the main room each have plenty of space and you never feel crowded or have to bump up against other players. The tables have automatic card shufflers and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

The cocktail service in the Caesars Palace poker room is easily the worst of the big rooms, and possibly the worst in the city.

One of the best perks of Caesars that I've found is that they will spread any game at any level if you have the people to fill the table.

Poker room is spacious, tourneys well run, clean well lit room.

The poker room is excellent. It's separate so you don't have to try and hear over the slots like other poker rooms. The dealers are friendly too. The room isn't anything special.

I just play tournament poker, so I'll give my impressions of the two $65 + 5 add-on games I played in. The add-on is only 500 chips on top of a stack of 2,000. Blind levels every 30 minutes offer little time to play solid poker and forces more aggressive play very early. Not my style, unfortunately. The drink service is pretty quick, I'd have to say. There's a food service available too, and one a.m. massages at the table.

the Caesars poker room, and it's definitely one of the best in town. The have two rooms... the main room for cash games and another for tournaments. It's pretty well run, and if you call in advance you can get on the list for some games.



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