Bellagio Poker Room

Just The Facts, Please.

Poker Room Hours :

Poker Room Layout :
7,000 sq ft; 40 tables total with one large separated from the adjacent casino and sports book by half height walls. Plus two high-limit areas, featuring Bobby's room for high end games.

Sun.-Thurs 2:00pm No Limit Holdem $300 buy+$30 admin fee;
Fri&Sat Sun.-Thurs 2:00pm No Limit Holdem $500 buy+$40 admin fee

Regular Poker Games:
Limit Holdem $4/8 to $100/200
No Limit Holdem $2/5 to $10/20
Bobby's Room has $20,000 minimum buy-in.

Cocktail Service:
Drinks are Complementary.

Food Service:
24 hour table-side dining.

Special Hotel Room Rates:
Sun-Thurs $149; Fri-Sat $219; min 6 hours play/day

Comps Earned :
No per hour rate, Does Not utilize MGM-Mirage players card. A discretionary $15 food comp can be given by Shift Supervisor.





Mavens Overview

Widely regarded as the top poker room in Vegas. If you want to see the professional poker players that populate the television poker programs, the Bellagio Poker Room is the place to be.

The room itself is separated from the adjacent Sports Book and Casino by half-height walls, allowing casino patrons to watch the games. The room is large,7,000 square feet, but it holds 40 table, which are more closely spaced than at the other large rooms, such as Venetian and Caesars Palace. The chairs are very comfortable. Plenty of monitors on the walls to follow concurrent sporting events, eight 32" television monitors and eleven 42" plasma screens to be exact. Surprisingly the room does not use an electronic wait list system. All tables are equipped with electronic shufflers.

The competition is generally very strong, particularly at the higher limit tables. As in years past with Binions Poker Room Downtown, many tourists don't mind losing a few dollars, to have the opportunity to say they've played in this poker room.


Internet Buzz

The biggest negative(for the Bellagio Poker Room) is that it's such a popular room, there's often a long wait, and if you're not by the podium when your name is called, they move on and you'll have to wait all over again.

The competition isn't nearly as tough as one would think, especially at the lower limit games.

If there are any drawbacks to the Bellagio Poker Room, it's that it pulls in the most sharks of any room in Vegas.

While I'd like to see the tables spread out further apart from each other, the tight quarters do give the room an "All Business" type of feel.

Getting a drink here is like finding water in the Sahara, good luck finding a waitress.



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