Wynn Buffet

Just The Facts, Please.


8am-10:30am; $19.95


11am-3:30pm; $23.95


8am-3:30pm Sat & Sun; $38.95


3:30pm-10pm; $36.95

Special Buffets

Special Dinner Fri and Sat. adds Rack of Lamb among other dishes 3:30pm - 10:30pm; $39.95


Mavens Overview: Wynn Buffet

This only buffet in Vegas that comes close to matching the one at Bellagio. Perhaps because Steve Wynn was the moving force behind both of these buffets. The buffet has many strong points, but the one area where it has the clear edge over the Bellagio is with the weekend rack of lamb, the Bellagio always seems to over-cook their lamb, while Wynn's buffet will sever you a delicious medium-rare rack of lamb. While the desserts garner very good reviews, I think the desserts at Bellagio are of a higher quality.

The room at Wynn is also much nicer than the rather plain room at Bellagio. The room follows the motif of the Hotel walkways with flower-balls and a upscale patio feel, light and airy. There are some nice touches that would probably be overlooked by many guests, such as the napkins are wonderfully soft, they're made of imported Egyptian Cotton.

As with most buffets in Vegas, particularly the better ones, lines can be very long. Note, the casinos players club usually offers new customers free buffets, which include a line pass, for a relatively modest amount of play.

If you plan on going to more than one buffet while in Vegas, the Wynn buffet should be number two on your list, right after Bellagio.

Internet Buzz: Wynn Buffet

  • Many comments like the following favorable ones:
  • Even if you don't like buffets, this one is worth it. We're not buffet people but this one was really something. The food was delicious and such variety. The rooms were very beautiful and service was great.
  • This was a great meal in an opulent setting, and everything that I tried was delicious. The Tomato Bisque was very tasty and had enough texture to please my palate...The food here could best or equal almost all other restaurants In Las Vegas. It is the best buffet I've ever experienced.
  • This is hands down the best buffet I have ever been to. The ambiance is great, and the buffet is amazing.
  • Of course there are some negative opinions, some of them inexplicably so:
  • There were a lot of options, but none of them blew me away. It was either too cold, not enough flavor or just bad.
  • Perhaps the following remarks explain some of the negative comments, the expectations are so high that disappointment almost seems inevitable.
  • "I expected a lot better here." or "After reading a number of glowing reviews for the Wynn Buffet I was expecting so much more"
  • Some quibbling about the price/value ratio, or not.
  • Good food but pricey...we found the food to be good - some very good - but$75+ for 2 people seems kind of crazy to me!
  • Expensive, and I don't really think it's worth it
  • It thought the price was a little high for a buffet, but once I ate the food, I realized this was unlike any other buffet I had ever had.
  • A bargain, but only in the sense of what you get in terms of quality for your money.
  • As with the other top buffets in Vegas, people give Shout-outs to their favorite dishes, the following is a brief sampling of those:
  • Perfectly cooked New Zealand Rack of Lamb plus Delicious Prime Rib.
  • The Curry Sea Bass was excellent
  • Must try Shumai and Pot Stickers (why are these so good? seriously,they rival the best dumplings in Monterey Park)
  • I'm obsessed with their mashed potatoes. I feel like I'm wasting money filling up on that, but it's just that good.
  • Coconut Scallop Cerviche, this wa so incredibly delicious. I have never has this, but it was so refreshing and tropical. Delish!"
  • For dessert you MUST get the creme brulee. It's so perfectly crispy on top and soft sweetness on the bottom. The cheesecake is also 5 stars.
  • The Roast Leg of Lamb was perfect.
  • The lamb Risotto was super creamy.


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