Stratosphere Buffet

Just The Facts, Please.


Daily Brunch


Daily Brunch


Monday through Thursday, 7am to 2pm
Friday, 7am to 4pm $14.99


Seven Days , 4pm to 10pm $19.99

Special Buffets

Champagne Brunch Saturday and Sunday,
7am to 4pm $19.99 Casino Card Holders get a 25% discount on all buffets.


Mavens Overview: Stratosphere

The Stratosphere buffet is not a destination buffet. The Internet Buzz is mixed with some comments that the buffet has gone downhill.

Internet Buzz: Stratosphere

  • The food was very fresh at the time we went (5pm so it had just opened). Everything from cold cuts, to salads, and even cold cereals if you're in the mood. Plus the usuals like Mexican, Asian, Italian, and American fare. Carving station had semi-decent prime rib, and the desserts were okay. Not the greatest, nor the worst
  • The Buffet was pretty good but I would suggest you don't eat any of the Asian food because they don't do a good job with it.
  • the food was AMAZING for brunch. I loved the varieties of food and the service. Moreover, I believe I paid $24 for the whole entire day. That was awesome! The only problem was dinner was quite lackluster.
  • Really not bad as hotel buffets in Vegas go..... Relatively inexpensive, not much of a line, decent selection and, for buffet food, not bad.
  • The food quality was just okay. It wasn't bad by any means, but you can go to other higher quality buffets in town. The bananas foster however was pretty good.
  • This actually used to be a pretty decent buffet many years ago. Don't know what happened. Mediocre to the max.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and the taste of the food at the Stratosphere Buffet. Their rolled up bass fish fillet was very moist and tasty.




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