Le Village Buffet at Paris

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7AM - 10AM $15.99


10:00AM - 3:30PM $18.99


Sat-Sun 10:00AM - 3:30PM $27.99


3:30PM - 10PM $24.99

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Part of Harrahs Buffet of Buffets 24 hour pass good at seven Harrahs property buffets. $49.99 per pass, $44.99 with Harrahs players card.


Mavens Overview: Le Village

Le Village Buffet at Paris is still one of the better buffets on the Vegas Strip, however since Harrahs took ownership of Paris several years ago, the quality has declined. The buffet is located in what many have described as a Disneyesque environment, which simulates a French village, where the wait staff are costumed accordingly.

One of the signature dishes at Le Village are the made to order dessert fruit crepes. This is one of the areas hit by the Harrah's Accounting team, fresh fruit filling is replaced by canned type fillings, at last report the bananas were still fresh. Large bowls of fresh whipped cream are not always reliably present. The person that used to make the crepes was as skilled as one of those Benihana knife wielding entertainment chefs, and almost as much fun to watch in the preparation of your crepe. Not likely anymore. The cooks now often have the cooking temperature too high, which leads to scorched crepes, yuck. The big bowl of fresh berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, those are gone too.

The grilled skewered meats are generally good, as are many of the other hot dished served. The dessert table is above average, not Bellagio level, but still good. For breakfast they offer several different types of sausage, not just the usual fare. Although, the breakfast coffee is weak, not something a Frenchmen would be proud to serve.

The Internet Buzz is mixed leaning favorable, many lament the decline as well. It would be great if Harrahs, or make that Caesars, would reverse this decline, and try to take this buffet to Bellagio levels of delight.


Internet Buzz: Le Village

  • This buffet is divided up by province in France, so you can't follow the same way of thinking that you're accustomed to at the other buffets. You just have to walk all the way through and discover as you go. The quality of cooking is top-notch. The dessert bar is second-to-none! The crepes are very good too. The decor and ceiling are also very different than most other buffets, with a rustic, outdoor theme reminiscent of France. Even the servers dress the part. The aesthetics really put the finishing touch on the place.
  • Crepes - Yes, everyone has crepes these days, but they are admittedly very good here! The crepe chef wasn't French, but I will give them a pass on that one. Chateaubriant sauce - This French sounding sauce goes with the non-French sounding beef tri-tip and was absolutely amazing. Viva le fusion!
  • The carving station shows up in Burgundy and distinguishes itself by adding options of Chateaubriand sauce and cherry sauce Escoffier.
  • To be honest not really the best Buffet i've had in Vegas but omg!! the best crepes I've had at a Buffet! If you know of any better ones tell me! I'm open to suggestions... Other than that, nothing really is that great,
  • The Cheese Raviolis were very good and the Dessert was awesome. The highlight for me was the Creme Brulee....made fresh and torched brown. Nice show by the workers.
  • Being an Italian stuck in an Asian body, the pasta dishes were amazing, covered in lots of oh-so-yummy marinara sauce (my fave). Try the sauteed mushrooms. Try the grilled Roma tomatoes. HEAVEN.
  • I particularly liked the coq au vin, and the duck confit was awesome! I enjoyed the grilled chicken and thought it went really well with the grilled pepper, summer squash, and zucchini.
  • Not only do they have a good selection of pretty decent quality food but I love the theme of this place. As with the rest of the Paris shops area, Le Village Buffet is decorated to make it seem like you are literally eating inside a village and going to various houses/shops for your food...super cute!
  • The breakfast buffet at one time was arguably the best in Las Vegas, but it has continued to deteriorate under Harrah's ownership.
  • I went directly first to the crepe line, since I know it's popular. It was pretty good, but very sweet. You get to pick what goes in your crepe, and I chose blueberries, strawberries, and banana. Only the banana was fresh. The berries were just preserves. Someone asked if they had fresh berries/fruit, and the lady (1 lady making tons of crepes for everyone in line), said they hadn't had fresh fruit in a while.



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