Bistro Buffet at the Palms

Just The Facts, Please.


8am-10am $7.99


11am-3pm $11.99


8am-3pm Sunday $19.99


4pm-9pm $19.99

Special Buffets

Seafood Buffet Friday and Saturday $24.99


Mavens Overview: Bistro Buffet

The Bistro Buffet at the Palms is an off-Strip buffet that has undergone a complete overhaul. The original Palms buffet received mixed reviews. The revised buffet has nicer decor, and improved food. The reviews are still mixed, with few rave reviews.

Many people expect the quality of the buffet to match the property, hence people expect Wynn and Bellagio to have great buffets, which they do. Many people feel the Palms buffet does not rise to the level of the Palms. The Palms market itself as a young, hip, and trendy property and yet their buffet offers no hint of trendy food items. Disappointing.

Internet Buzz: Bistro Buffet

  • The buffet here is pretty decent. Nothing to write home about but it usually isn't crowded and they have a nice Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine section .
  • They have middle eastern food here which I usually get stuffed squash, spinach pies, grape leaves and hummus. They also make pretty good fried rice and fried spicy shrimp.
  • The food was decent, if uninspiring. Nothing really stood out taste wise and the look of the buffet itself had a look not unlike a school cafeteria. The buffet was rather lightly attended, patron wise, which made for a least a more relaxed sitting. What bothered me was that the help seemed really uninterested in their jobs.
  • You would expect a lot more being a buffet at The Palms Casino Resort... But don't get your hopes up TOO high... I mean, it isn't terrible I just had way better and expected a lot better.
  • Pretty nice looking buffet at the Palms Casino and very cheap but food was just okay.
  • Tasty pork medallions, mahi topped with lightly caramlized red onions. meat balls that didn't come out of a can, honey mustard oil freshly made in-house, fettucine that wasn't overcooked, battered fried cod (ala fish n chips) actually tasted fresh!
  • I was incredibly disappointed with the selection and quality of food. I should clarify that this buffet isn't terrible. I just expected better from the Palms... Update I received some free buffet coupons in the mail, so I gave the place another chance. It was night and day. I actually enjoyed everything I ate and some dishes were even spectacular. I particularly enjoyed the scallops and bowtie pasta dish, the root beer pulled pork, and the drunken mushrooms over mashed potatoes.



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