Hilton Buffet

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Mon-Fri 7am - 11am $13.99


Mon-Fri 11am - 2:30pm $14.99


Sat-Sun 7am - 2:30pm $18.99


Mon-Sun 5pm - 10pm $19.99

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Mavens Overview: Hilton

The buffet at the Hilton is just that, a buffet. Nothing special, nothing bad, and since it is out of the way, not on the Strip, it is unlikely you'll end up here unless you're already at the Hilton. One big reason to come to the Hilton is their very large sports book, which is located next to the buffet, or the other way around.

Complimentary beer and wine are served daily at Dinner

Internet Buzz: Hilton

  • If you've been to typical buffets, like Souplantation, Izzys, Fresh Choice, Hometown Buffet, etc, then you've been to "The Buffet" - it's the same quality and selection. Nothing to write home about, but not a hole in the wall either.
  • The food is pretty good. My favorite is the Fried Chicken and Mac n Cheese. The Chicken has a nice, crispy & flaky skin to it with the white meat tender and juicy in the inside. The Mac n Cheese is thick and gooey....nom nom!
  • You'll find all the regulars here such as cocktail shrimps, salad bar, a small deli of carved meats, and of course vegaslized Chinese food. Penne with a combination of Alfredo and marinara sauce is a must-try. The dessert section is small, but the bread pudding and gigantic chocolate covered strawberries are worth mentioning.
  • . the sushi bar is the best and probably the main reason to come back. the sliders were super tasty, as was the pizza and other seafood.
  • This place is right next to the sports book towards the back end of the hotel. I am not huge on buffets, so I don't really have much to compare as far as Vegas hotel buffet's go, but I would guess this would have what you would expect at a decent buffet. Without getting into specifics, I don't think most people come specifically for the buffet at the Hilton.
  • Cheesecake - Best item in the entire buffet. If you come here, you absolutely must get it. Now, its not to the same caliber as Cheesecake Factory, but since everything tasted so mediocre, this will taste exceptional!
  • The shrimps are completely peeled, including tail. Smoked salmon was good quality. Nice salad bar complete with pasta and potato salad. Decent Mexican food, especially the chile rellenos. Hot section had steaks and lamb chops.



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