Lago Buffet at Caesars Palace

Just The Facts, Please.


Breakfast Monday- Friday, 7am-11am; $17.95


Lunch Monday - Friday, 11am- 3pm; $19.95


Weekend Brunch Saturday & Sunday, 7am- 3pm; $24.95 +$10 for Champagne


Dinner Thursday - Monday 3pm-10pm; $26.95

Special Buffets

Holiday Dinners.


Mavens Overview: Lago

The Lago Buffet at Caesars Palace is smaller than most Strip buffets. While the selection of items is relatively small, the quality is good, not on the same level as the top Vegas Buffets such Bellagio and Wynn, but better than the average Strip buffet.

The room is nicer than most Vegas buffets, and actually has windows, which look out on to the elaborately landscaped pool area.

The internet buzz is favorable and tends to elaborate the previous comments, small buffet with good quality food.

Internet Buzz: Lago

  • This is a smaller buffet but it's not about quantity it's the QUALITY. I've been to plenty of Buffet's and this one is GREAT!
  • Cafe Lago is still one of my favorite buffets in Las Vegas. It does not disappoint...featured 4 different kinds of mashed potatoes, one of which was mashed with mushrooms and infused in truffles. OMG! These were by far the best mashed potatoes I have ever had in my life.
  • I liked the fact that Cafe Lago offers high quality foods that the other buffets do not offer. Foods such as Hawaiian poke, specialty cheeses--Pecorino, Morbier, Brie-- and charcuterie--head cheese, pate, mortadella. I liked that they have a noodle soup bar! ...a bit fancier than Rio. I like that they offer a beautiful array of desserts! ...and they also have a chocolate fountain!
  • The food selection at Cafe Lago is a little limited compared to other buffets like at the M, but the quality of the food here was excellent.
  • The best thing at the breakfast buffet ironically was the prime rib. Surprisingly tender and tasty.
  • The room looks terrific and the view of the pool is quite nice.
  • The highlight for me is their garlic mashed potato- with tons of roasted whole garlic cloves mixed inside. I topped it with freshly cooked bacon bits and it was to die for! They also had strawberries in white chocolate...and mini pecan bars on shortbread...yum!
  • we came here for the valentine's day buffet (not planned), and they had a REALLY good spread for $35 a pop. stuffed whole lobster (YES WHOLE), two types of KOBE beef (YES, KOBE!), prime rib, veal, lamb chop, cold appetizers which consists of shrimp, crabs and yes...more lobster!
  • They had the best omelet station, definitely worth waiting for. Huge portions and perfectly cooked.
  • I was scarfing down the creamy, anchovy Caesar salad and the wonderful, wonderful bread. I swear this is the best bread in Las Vegas. We tried the pretzel rolls, the olive foccacia, the cibbatta, and the to die for multigrain, nut, and dried fruit bread. I also had some fine pork roast stuffed with herbs and cranberries. My husband had a great prime rib -- tasted like real beef (NOT watery) and was tender, tender, tender.



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